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A magic vase….
julio 28, 2011

A special vase…

Can be refilled with flowers and dreams!!!

In process…
julio 8, 2011

Nevado want´s to ride someting huge!!!

Wedding boxes fun!!!
julio 8, 2011

This work it´s for a sweet couple,

that sure also loves boxes,

and of course love each other!!!!

Always boxes!!!!
julio 8, 2011

Cause de boxes are our passion,

here i go with a sculpture of boxes made in

hight temperature clay!!!!

Wich one it´s your favorite face???

julio 8, 2011

Remember this little guy???…

Yes, he is the bear who wants to be Batman...

And now he had make his dream come true!!!

He would fly across the ocean with his Bat-Gelds,

and in a cute box!!!

Bunny finished!!!
julio 8, 2011

This little Bunny and his cute friends,

are ready to fly very far!!!!

But they would have a nice travel in a sweet box!!!

A XXL work!!!!
julio 8, 2011

This work is painted with acrylic,

in a 70×100 cm canvas…XXL SIZE!!!!

They are a sweet couple isn´t???