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Edwarner stuff in Society6
febrero 20, 2012

Now you can find EdWarner´s stuff,

in the shop of Society6.

CLICK HERE to find iphone cases, tshirts, hoodies,

prints and much more!!!


Monsters Totem
febrero 20, 2012

One monster can be cute,

but sure looks better if they are four,

and make a Totem!!!


Instagram Chestnut Girl Challenge!!!
febrero 2, 2012

Thx so much to all that participate in the

Instagram #Chestnutgirl_challenge !!!

Here you can see all the pics that arrives to the challenge.

Next week the winners of the challenge will be upload here.

The voting still open on IG, if you haven´t vote go and check it!!!!

Special thx to the IG participants: Pirate_company, Matildawb, Bluebird11, Clenke, Valen_Socorro, Picopang, Lupsv, Astrosim, Dndona, Eduhecam, Blockbustard, Sienna9, Joseph_Wu_Origami, E_gardel, Bimabiya, Eigual, As3astri, Melissayanel, Itsjustvivian, Livisue98, Missis_Miniledon, Sunshinesuperone, Heylise, Yiv + Claudia, King_of_frogs, Belenlen, Jariwinki, Mariquilla1981, Snapshotintime, J00lie, 1howls, Deenda_gp, Malkal, Sdci, Kungfoofeltus, Oogieboo, Robertakremer, Dirtreynoldsdfw, Yolstar, Shahandaakaraghda, Okjenna, Cvolion, Riggy61, Bimabiya, Aprilheather, Gijanice, Luxorules, Stylishplay, Willy_wonka, Pinap68, Jellafj, Koeyko2, Odieu23, Valifilms, Littlemustache, Aivlic, Grrlscout, Vampyrequeen, Zombeejesska, Vueltasdetuerca, Edgeej, Abz1213, Airamhdez, Bonidutch, Mistymichelle, Elle_g, Kmts_0509, Minnesotawelcomesyou, Ocentolo, Bluebox_dos, Sweetsugabrown, Peru77.