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Chestnut Girl Papercraft!!!
marzo 20, 2012

Make your own Chestnut Girl toy!!!

Print, cut, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Happy Bday!!!!!!
marzo 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, dear Mafalda!!!

The Chestnut Girl loves you!!!

We will not forget!!!
marzo 12, 2012

Here you can find different artists works in remembrance

東日本大震災 ‘The Great East Japan Earthquake – March 11.

We will not forget! – Kiiroihankachi

by Dacosta!,  click here and check his work

by Joseph Wu, click here and check his work

by ElisaSassi, click here and check her work

by EdWarner

Chestnut Girl Katamari
marzo 9, 2012

The Chestnut Girl loves videogames,

so she decided to make a huge cute


Find The Chestnut Girl in your Social Network
marzo 5, 2012

The Chestnut Girl arrives to Social Life!

We’re excited to announce that our loved Chestnut Girl

arrives to a different Social Networks.

Click in the images, and follow her in your favorite media!!!

Or send us an email, to

with the WANT NEWS subject,

and we will add you to our Newsletter!!!

Instagram Chestnut Girl Challenge Winners
marzo 5, 2012

Here you can see the  Instagram #Chestnutgirl_challenge winners,

and the prizes they won. Their own Chestnutzated versions !!!

Thx to all for voting and participate!!!

First place: @as3astri

Second place: @mistymichelle


Third place: @minnesotawelcomesyou

Special place: @j00lie