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mayo 17, 2012

This is my “Happy Labyrinth” for the Jim Henson’s movie

Labyrinth Tribute Exhibition.

It will be available at Susanita’s Little Gallery

from June 18th 2012.

Check this amazing gallery in their SITE !!!

Chestnut Girl loves Vikings!!!!
mayo 16, 2012

Because The Chestnut Girl loves Vikings,

she decided to dress up like one of her favorites…

The Chestnut Girl now looks like the amazing Juicefoozle!!!

Check his amazing work in his SITE ,

his FACEBOOK or his TWITTER !!!

Sweet Work!!!
mayo 16, 2012

A cute work, for a cute shop.

If you like the sweet things,  check their sweet SITE

or give them a LIKE in their FACEBOOK account.

Chestnutzated Street Fighter !!!!!
mayo 16, 2012

Cause we love the Classics,

here you got a “Chestnutzated” version

of our childhood Heroes!!!

Enjoy it, and if you like it,

you can have your own pieces  HERE

Cute story!!!!
mayo 14, 2012

If you like the good pictures stories,

look at this one that an awesome “Amigurumi” artist

makes with our Chestnut Girl.

Check the all story HERE

Chestnutzated Leia & HanSolo
mayo 13, 2012

This new “Chestnutzated” attack goes to StarWars.

A special Wedding Cake, for a special couple!!!