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500 happy Chestnuts on FB!!!
febrero 22, 2013

We are 500 happy Chestnuts on our

Facebook fan site!!! Come on and join us!!!



Alejandra & The Chestnut Girl
febrero 14, 2013

A cool balloon for a cute

new baby girl!!!

alejandra ballon


Fun fan!!!!
febrero 14, 2013

Nothing´s better to fight the hot weather

than a “fun fan” with the Chestnut Refresh power!!!!


fan fan  2012-08-25_1345885854

2012-08-25_1345895159 2013-01-21_1358755805 2013-01-21_1358760775

A cute wall for Luna´s Room
febrero 13, 2013

A cute girl needs a cute room!!!

So here is the new look for Luna´s Room!!!


image-2image-1la foto 3la foto 1

The Chestnut Girl & the FAMILY that ROCKS!!!
enero 10, 2013

The Chestnut Girl loves Cheerleading.

And now she is part of a family that Rocks!!!


You can follow them and their amazing tumbling in their FB


Mature Chestnut Girl
enero 3, 2013

Looks like The Chestnut Girl

is growing up… o___O

Chestnut Girl 2012-03-22_1332430860


The Chestnut Girl in the AECC 2013 calendar!!!
diciembre 25, 2012

The Chestnut Girl in the AECC 2013 calendar!!!

Find her in December!!!!

Help the fight against cancer buying them in

Spanish hospitals, or in the Fb AECC page!!!



Family love across the sea!!!!!
noviembre 14, 2012

The Chestnut Girl loves this cool family,

and looks like that is reciprocal love!!!



Spartanbits Walls
noviembre 13, 2012

Happy walls for a happy company.


You can check their amazing work in their SITE











Cute things can save the world!!!
agosto 12, 2012

In this difficult days, we have to trust

in cute things, cause…


And The Chestnut Girl knows it!!!

algodon-02 algodon-03 algodon-04

The Chestnut Girl at Delirio Bookshop!!!
julio 24, 2012

Fun day with papercrafts, paintings and much more

in the great DELIRIO BOOKSHOP!!!

Check their Facebook for amazing news!!!





Happy faces from our happy friends!!!

We had a great craft-time!!!

 217839_224333027689753_730382298_n 304773_224332981023091_50129932_n 306893_224333681023021_334069223_n 309399_224333744356348_775443218_n 387040_224332697689786_1094928654_n 418218_224333624356360_1112897826_n 418369_224332824356440_510703862_n 422198_224332944356428_606727542_n 422239_224333591023030_1932452215_n 487727_224334021022987_1832794572_n 524068_224332731023116_1885899228_n 524379_224333164356406_1444869773_n 526437_224333651023024_558180653_n 530087_224333541023035_1798433582_n 544481_224333894356333_1417710563_n 544599_224332757689780_1431471530_n 547892_224332887689767_2105082898_n 548887_224332967689759_894515334_n 548909_224332787689777_1103652721_n 551134_224332811023108_1367696003_n 555486_224333931022996_1845022073_n 557495_224333297689726_2140470566_n 558227_224333411023048_75215919_n 561078_224333044356418_1793864592_n 561316_224333457689710_1895897472_n 599459_224333824356340_1821832496_n

Peter Pan attack!!!!!
julio 23, 2012

This are my “Hangman´s Tree” pieces for the

Peter Pan and Wendy Show Exhibition

They are available at Susanita’s Little Gallery

Check this amazing gallery in their SITE !!!


Chestnut Girl loves Vikings!!!!
mayo 16, 2012

Because The Chestnut Girl loves Vikings,

she decided to dress up like one of her favorites…

The Chestnut Girl now looks like the amazing Juicefoozle!!!

Check his amazing work in his SITE ,

his FACEBOOK or his TWITTER !!!

Sweet Work!!!
mayo 16, 2012

A cute work, for a cute shop.

If you like the sweet things,  check their sweet SITE

or give them a LIKE in their FACEBOOK account.

Chestnutzated Street Fighter !!!!!
mayo 16, 2012

Cause we love the Classics,

here you got a “Chestnutzated” version

of our childhood Heroes!!!

Enjoy it, and if you like it,

you can have your own pieces  HERE

Cute story!!!!
mayo 14, 2012

If you like the good pictures stories,

look at this one that an awesome “Amigurumi” artist

makes with our Chestnut Girl.

Check the all story HERE

Chestnutzated Leia & HanSolo
mayo 13, 2012

This new “Chestnutzated” attack goes to StarWars.

A special Wedding Cake, for a special couple!!!

Origami Brooch
abril 10, 2012

A cute new Chestnut Girl brooch.

You can also have yours!!! 5€ + shipping.

Just send us an email to jeshmind@jeshmind

Chestnut Girl Papercraft!!!
marzo 20, 2012

Make your own Chestnut Girl toy!!!

Print, cut, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Happy Bday!!!!!!
marzo 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, dear Mafalda!!!

The Chestnut Girl loves you!!!

We will not forget!!!
marzo 12, 2012

Here you can find different artists works in remembrance

東日本大震災 ‘The Great East Japan Earthquake – March 11.

We will not forget! – Kiiroihankachi

by Dacosta!,  click here and check his work

by Joseph Wu, click here and check his work

by ElisaSassi, click here and check her work

by EdWarner

Chestnut Girl Katamari
marzo 9, 2012

The Chestnut Girl loves videogames,

so she decided to make a huge cute


Find The Chestnut Girl in your Social Network
marzo 5, 2012

The Chestnut Girl arrives to Social Life!

We’re excited to announce that our loved Chestnut Girl

arrives to a different Social Networks.

Click in the images, and follow her in your favorite media!!!

Or send us an email, to

with the WANT NEWS subject,

and we will add you to our Newsletter!!!

Instagram Chestnut Girl Challenge Winners
marzo 5, 2012

Here you can see the  Instagram #Chestnutgirl_challenge winners,

and the prizes they won. Their own Chestnutzated versions !!!

Thx to all for voting and participate!!!

First place: @as3astri

Second place: @mistymichelle


Third place: @minnesotawelcomesyou

Special place: @j00lie

Chestnut Girl Mind…
octubre 18, 2011

The Chestnut Girl has a lot

of things in her head…

And of course, lot of superheroes….

Little Chestnut Prizes…
septiembre 10, 2011

I love Instagram, and for my 5000 followers,

i´ve made a challenge.

And this little chestnut girls, are the prizes!!!

Thx to all for participate, and congrats

to the winners!!!

@grrlscout, @neela and @ekeehegg_egg

Just some doddles….
agosto 1, 2011

Just some of the Chestnut Girl doodles,

that i make for IG…

A magic vase….
julio 28, 2011

A special vase…

Can be refilled with flowers and dreams!!!

Wedding boxes fun!!!
julio 8, 2011

This work it´s for a sweet couple,

that sure also loves boxes,

and of course love each other!!!!

julio 8, 2011

Remember this little guy???…

Yes, he is the bear who wants to be Batman...

And now he had make his dream come true!!!

He would fly across the ocean with his Bat-Gelds,

and in a cute box!!!