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Bunny finished!!!
julio 8, 2011

This little Bunny and his cute friends,

are ready to fly very far!!!!

But they would have a nice travel in a sweet box!!!


Just in process…
mayo 13, 2011

A robot, a rabbit and a bear…

Just in process…

Oh yeah, that bear wants to be Batman…

Can you give me a name please???
mayo 13, 2011

I don´t know how to call her…

Maybe The Cute Cow who comes from outer space,

to take a bath in the sea???

Chesnut Girl strikes again…
mayo 13, 2011

It´s me again, The ChesnutGirl…

You know how much i love Sunflowers!!!!!!!

I dream a Candy Tree!!!
mayo 13, 2011

In this clay piece, you can meet

the difficult love between the MonkeyBoy,

and the OctopussGirl…

Little Chestnut Girl in Clay!!!
febrero 28, 2011

Presenting the Little Chesnut Girl,

but this time, painted on clay…

Doodling shoes!!!
febrero 24, 2011

When you have a boring white sneakers,

nothing it´s better than doodle them!!!

Which its the ¨Happy¨and which its the ¨Angry¨one…

🙂   😦







Let´s have fun!!!
marzo 26, 2009

Are you tired of the Real World?

The boring perspective and  its absence of color?

Edwarner invite you to know her “StrangeLand”,

so you can find your “LittleEspecialPlace”

and rest of the boring dimensions of the daily life.