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500 happy Chestnuts on FB!!!
febrero 22, 2013

We are 500 happy Chestnuts on our

Facebook fan site!!! Come on and join us!!!


Two reviews
febrero 22, 2013

Two cute Chestnut Girl & Ed Warner reviews

in this Spanish and Mexican design sites.

Check them in:



Alejandra & The Chestnut Girl
febrero 14, 2013

A cool balloon for a cute

new baby girl!!!

alejandra ballon


Kawaii Header & Icons for a cute blog!!!
febrero 13, 2013

A cute Header & Icons for a cute blog!!!

If you want fun DYV & Crafts, or learn about Fashion & Style



In 80´s we trust!!!!
febrero 13, 2013

Just a cute tribute

for our “80´s” preferred characters.


Kitsune Art
febrero 13, 2013

A cool Kitsune with

“Ghibli´s” wool cute characters.

Turn the box and look how they move!!!

A present for the best man ever!!!


A cute wall for Luna´s Room
febrero 13, 2013

A cute girl needs a cute room!!!

So here is the new look for Luna´s Room!!!


image-2image-1la foto 3la foto 1

The Chestnut Girl & the FAMILY that ROCKS!!!
enero 10, 2013

The Chestnut Girl loves Cheerleading.

And now she is part of a family that Rocks!!!


You can follow them and their amazing tumbling in their FB


Mature Chestnut Girl
enero 3, 2013

Looks like The Chestnut Girl

is growing up… o___O

Chestnut Girl 2012-03-22_1332430860


The Chestnut Girl in the AECC 2013 calendar!!!
diciembre 25, 2012

The Chestnut Girl in the AECC 2013 calendar!!!

Find her in December!!!!

Help the fight against cancer buying them in

Spanish hospitals, or in the Fb AECC page!!!



Hey Ho!!! Let´s Go!!!
diciembre 3, 2012

This is my “Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?”

piece for the Ramones: Gabba Gabba Hey Exhibition

They are available at Susanita’s Little Gallery

Check this amazing gallery in their SITE !!!


Family love across the sea!!!!!
noviembre 14, 2012

The Chestnut Girl loves this cool family,

and looks like that is reciprocal love!!!



Spartanbits Walls
noviembre 13, 2012

Happy walls for a happy company.


You can check their amazing work in their SITE











Cute things can save the world!!!
agosto 12, 2012

In this difficult days, we have to trust

in cute things, cause…


And The Chestnut Girl knows it!!!

algodon-02 algodon-03 algodon-04

mayo 17, 2012

This is my “Happy Labyrinth” for the Jim Henson’s movie

Labyrinth Tribute Exhibition.

It will be available at Susanita’s Little Gallery

from June 18th 2012.

Check this amazing gallery in their SITE !!!

Chestnut Girl loves Vikings!!!!
mayo 16, 2012

Because The Chestnut Girl loves Vikings,

she decided to dress up like one of her favorites…

The Chestnut Girl now looks like the amazing Juicefoozle!!!

Check his amazing work in his SITE ,

his FACEBOOK or his TWITTER !!!

Sweet Work!!!
mayo 16, 2012

A cute work, for a cute shop.

If you like the sweet things,  check their sweet SITE

or give them a LIKE in their FACEBOOK account.

Chestnutzated Street Fighter !!!!!
mayo 16, 2012

Cause we love the Classics,

here you got a “Chestnutzated” version

of our childhood Heroes!!!

Enjoy it, and if you like it,

you can have your own pieces  HERE

Happy Bday!!!!!!
marzo 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, dear Mafalda!!!

The Chestnut Girl loves you!!!

We will not forget!!!
marzo 12, 2012

Here you can find different artists works in remembrance

東日本大震災 ‘The Great East Japan Earthquake – March 11.

We will not forget! – Kiiroihankachi

by Dacosta!,  click here and check his work

by Joseph Wu, click here and check his work

by ElisaSassi, click here and check her work

by EdWarner

Chestnut Girl Katamari
marzo 9, 2012

The Chestnut Girl loves videogames,

so she decided to make a huge cute


Instagram Chestnut Girl Challenge Winners
marzo 5, 2012

Here you can see the  Instagram #Chestnutgirl_challenge winners,

and the prizes they won. Their own Chestnutzated versions !!!

Thx to all for voting and participate!!!

First place: @as3astri

Second place: @mistymichelle


Third place: @minnesotawelcomesyou

Special place: @j00lie

Edwarner stuff in Society6
febrero 20, 2012

Now you can find EdWarner´s stuff,

in the shop of Society6.

CLICK HERE to find iphone cases, tshirts, hoodies,

prints and much more!!!

Monsters Totem
febrero 20, 2012

One monster can be cute,

but sure looks better if they are four,

and make a Totem!!!


Instagram Chestnut Girl Challenge!!!
febrero 2, 2012

Thx so much to all that participate in the

Instagram #Chestnutgirl_challenge !!!

Here you can see all the pics that arrives to the challenge.

Next week the winners of the challenge will be upload here.

The voting still open on IG, if you haven´t vote go and check it!!!!

Special thx to the IG participants: Pirate_company, Matildawb, Bluebird11, Clenke, Valen_Socorro, Picopang, Lupsv, Astrosim, Dndona, Eduhecam, Blockbustard, Sienna9, Joseph_Wu_Origami, E_gardel, Bimabiya, Eigual, As3astri, Melissayanel, Itsjustvivian, Livisue98, Missis_Miniledon, Sunshinesuperone, Heylise, Yiv + Claudia, King_of_frogs, Belenlen, Jariwinki, Mariquilla1981, Snapshotintime, J00lie, 1howls, Deenda_gp, Malkal, Sdci, Kungfoofeltus, Oogieboo, Robertakremer, Dirtreynoldsdfw, Yolstar, Shahandaakaraghda, Okjenna, Cvolion, Riggy61, Bimabiya, Aprilheather, Gijanice, Luxorules, Stylishplay, Willy_wonka, Pinap68, Jellafj, Koeyko2, Odieu23, Valifilms, Littlemustache, Aivlic, Grrlscout, Vampyrequeen, Zombeejesska, Vueltasdetuerca, Edgeej, Abz1213, Airamhdez, Bonidutch, Mistymichelle, Elle_g, Kmts_0509, Minnesotawelcomesyou, Ocentolo, Bluebox_dos, Sweetsugabrown, Peru77.

Chestnut Girl Land
enero 26, 2012

A better world is possible…

Meet the Chestnut Girl Land…

20×60 cm acrylic canvas

Origami Tree…
enero 11, 2012

A Origami Tree, for an awesome

artist of the paper, Joseph Wu!!!!

Check his SITE for fall in love with his art.

enero 11, 2012

Do you know this guys???

They have been “Chestnutzated”!!!!!

A fun box!
enero 11, 2012

A Superhero friend!!!

But in a box!!!!!

The Chestnut Girl at the school…
diciembre 2, 2011

The Chestnut Girl arrives to the School.

She was so happy of being colored by 2 different schools.

The first one was the 3rd Infantile Class of

“Colexio Nosa Señora de Lourdes” Pontevedra (Spain).


The second School was the 2nd A Class of

“Colegio Santa Teresa” Marbella (Spain).


Special thanks to Yiv and Belenlen for making this possible.

If you are interested in Chestnut Girl prints for coloring,

contact with us in