Instagram Chestnut Girl Challenge Winners

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Here you can see the  Instagram #Chestnutgirl_challenge winners,

and the prizes they won. Their own Chestnutzated versions !!!

Thx to all for voting and participate!!!

First place: @as3astri

Second place: @mistymichelle


Third place: @minnesotawelcomesyou

Special place: @j00lie

Edwarner stuff in Society6

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Now you can find EdWarner´s stuff,

in the shop of Society6.

CLICK HERE to find iphone cases, tshirts, hoodies,

prints and much more!!!

Monsters Totem

febrero 20, 2012 - Una respuesta

One monster can be cute,

but sure looks better if they are four,

and make a Totem!!!


Instagram Chestnut Girl Challenge!!!

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Thx so much to all that participate in the

Instagram #Chestnutgirl_challenge !!!

Here you can see all the pics that arrives to the challenge.

Next week the winners of the challenge will be upload here.

The voting still open on IG, if you haven´t vote go and check it!!!!

Special thx to the IG participants: Pirate_company, Matildawb, Bluebird11, Clenke, Valen_Socorro, Picopang, Lupsv, Astrosim, Dndona, Eduhecam, Blockbustard, Sienna9, Joseph_Wu_Origami, E_gardel, Bimabiya, Eigual, As3astri, Melissayanel, Itsjustvivian, Livisue98, Missis_Miniledon, Sunshinesuperone, Heylise, Yiv + Claudia, King_of_frogs, Belenlen, Jariwinki, Mariquilla1981, Snapshotintime, J00lie, 1howls, Deenda_gp, Malkal, Sdci, Kungfoofeltus, Oogieboo, Robertakremer, Dirtreynoldsdfw, Yolstar, Shahandaakaraghda, Okjenna, Cvolion, Riggy61, Bimabiya, Aprilheather, Gijanice, Luxorules, Stylishplay, Willy_wonka, Pinap68, Jellafj, Koeyko2, Odieu23, Valifilms, Littlemustache, Aivlic, Grrlscout, Vampyrequeen, Zombeejesska, Vueltasdetuerca, Edgeej, Abz1213, Airamhdez, Bonidutch, Mistymichelle, Elle_g, Kmts_0509, Minnesotawelcomesyou, Ocentolo, Bluebox_dos, Sweetsugabrown, Peru77.

How to make a Chestnut Girl in Origami!!!

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Now you can make your own

Chestnut Girl in Origami…

The great Joseph Wu shows us how!!!

This ones are made it by him!!!

Check the video for learning how,

and for more awesome Origami stuff, check his

site or his vimeo

Chestnut Girl Land

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A better world is possible…

Meet the Chestnut Girl Land…

20×60 cm acrylic canvas

Kokeshi Chestnut Girl

enero 12, 2012 - Una respuesta

Love Kokeshis, so here is my

Chestnut Girl version!!!

Origami Tree…

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A Origami Tree, for an awesome

artist of the paper, Joseph Wu!!!!

Check his SITE for fall in love with his art.


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Do you know this guys???

They have been “Chestnutzated”!!!!!

A fun box!

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A Superhero friend!!!

But in a box!!!!!

New Pink Candy Tree

enero 11, 2012 - Una respuesta

A new clay-wool-pink tree!!!

But this time, with a happy Chestnut Girl!!!!!



Chestnut Girl in plastic!!!

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The Chestnut Girl arrives to the plastic world.

You can search also for them in my


Menina Chestnut Girl

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A Menina Chestnut Girl work.

Omg… If Velazquez wakes up…


The Chestnut Girl at the school…

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The Chestnut Girl arrives to the School.

She was so happy of being colored by 2 different schools.

The first one was the 3rd Infantile Class of

“Colexio Nosa Señora de Lourdes” Pontevedra (Spain).


The second School was the 2nd A Class of

“Colegio Santa Teresa” Marbella (Spain).


Special thanks to Yiv and Belenlen for making this possible.

If you are interested in Chestnut Girl prints for coloring,

contact with us in

New pink tree…

octubre 24, 2011 - 3 comentarios

A new clay-wool tree!!!

But this time, ultra-pink!!!!!

Chestnut Girl Mind…

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The Chestnut Girl has a lot

of things in her head…

And of course, lot of superheroes….


octubre 10, 2011 - Una respuesta

Just some Queens…


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Sketches in my Moleskine…

Little Chestnut Prizes…

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I love Instagram, and for my 5000 followers,

i´ve made a challenge.

And this little chestnut girls, are the prizes!!!

Thx to all for participate, and congrats

to the winners!!!

@grrlscout, @neela and @ekeehegg_egg

Mr CMYK Bot!!!!

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Introducing a new friend, MR CMYK Bot!!!

He is handmade with ceramic clay, and painted

with acrylics, glitter, and few touches of black thread.

If you are interested in adopting this awesome creature,

contact us:

And we send you an email with more details, price, packaging …

Little details…

And he is very tall!!! 30 cms (12 inches)!!!

Just some doddles….

agosto 1, 2011 - Una respuesta

Just some of the Chestnut Girl doodles,

that i make for IG…

Sweet Couple…

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This work it´s for a sweet couple,

very far across the sea…

Love means everything!!!!

A magic vase….

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A special vase…

Can be refilled with flowers and dreams!!!

In process…

julio 8, 2011 - 2 comentarios

Nevado want´s to ride someting huge!!!

Wedding boxes fun!!!

julio 8, 2011 - Una respuesta

This work it´s for a sweet couple,

that sure also loves boxes,

and of course love each other!!!!

Always boxes!!!!

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Cause de boxes are our passion,

here i go with a sculpture of boxes made in

hight temperature clay!!!!

Wich one it´s your favorite face???


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Remember this little guy???…

Yes, he is the bear who wants to be Batman...

And now he had make his dream come true!!!

He would fly across the ocean with his Bat-Gelds,

and in a cute box!!!

Bunny finished!!!

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This little Bunny and his cute friends,

are ready to fly very far!!!!

But they would have a nice travel in a sweet box!!!

A XXL work!!!!

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This work is painted with acrylic,

in a 70×100 cm canvas…XXL SIZE!!!!

They are a sweet couple isn´t???


mayo 18, 2011 - 2 comentarios

Three characters for a new work…

In process…